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welcome to atlanta becoming

Everything is in the process of becoming. Built into the universe is a drive. It is going somewhere. It seems to flow in one constant, eternal motion: forward. This ‘movement’ is not invented or created by humanity. No one is directing, controlling, or limiting it. But we are all invited to join it, and we can all attempt to articulate it. At Atlanta Becoming we simply want to align ourselves with this evolutionary impulse.

Where is this evolutionary leap leading the great spiritual traditions? Our proposal: an Integral Spirituality. What do we mean by that, exactly? It’s transcending the boundaries of any one religion, one nation, one ethnicity, or one theology. It’s moving beyond debates of the 'one true form' and moving into formlessness.


The result is a more expansive, more inclusive, and more loving worldview. A realization that the universe is far more connected than we thought. A view of God that is ALL in ALL not ALL in some. A discovery of beauty, truth, and goodness everywhere.

So for those who are waking up to new possibilities, new awareness, and new perspectives. For those ever-evolving, ever-changing, and ever-growing. For those who feel a new thing is in the air: You are not alone.

Welcome to your new safe space. 

Welcome to Atlanta Becoming

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